How to Survive a Robot Uprising


Thanks to this IT Conversations/Tech Nation podshow with Dr. Moira Gunn (host) and Dr. Daniel Wilson (guest) I had a stupid smile spread across my face for 23:01 minutes of otherwise heavy-listening driving to work. Beaming all the way to my desk, I surfed directly to Amazon, and shortly after I had a copy of this book.

With an evident adorable opening motto (“I’ll be back, The Terminator”), Daniel Wilson’s book goes on with an accessible description of humanoids, unmanned vehicles, biologically inspired robots, robot swarm (thousands of robots acting as one entity, changing tactics to solve new problems), modular robots (Terminator-like) and so forth. For each robot type: a description of its applications and… how to survive it. I’d say that in most cases, it’s a waste of time. Pray and die.

Smart & fun, a real “Robots Delight”.

Technopod Rating: 9

podcastIcon.gif Daniel Wilson 23:01, 10.5 mb, Nov 22nd, 2005

Original Podlink: Tech Nation – Daniel Wilson



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