An unfocused interview on the Global Grid Forum OGSA (Open Grid Service Architecture) extension for data access and integration (DAI). OGSA-DAI is an interesting extension that bridges EII (Enterprise Information Integration) with Real-time Information Brokerage. While EII allows for the creation ofa federated real-time view of the Business, Information brokerage allows for real-time replication of Information from one source to another, regardless of the Sources schema and underlying technologies. Unfortunately, the podcast didn’t discuss all that.

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Technopod Rating: 2

podcastIcon2.gif OGSA-DAI

Original Podlink: Globus Toolkit Developer’s Forum: Podcast Interview with Neil P. Chue Hong


The OGSA-DAI Project

GGF Documnet Series, where several documnets on OGSA can be found

technorati2.jpg Technorati OGSA-DAI, Technorati the Podlink


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