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An Introduction to Enterprise 2.0

October 19, 2006


Sandy Kemsley gives an excellent introduction to the next generation of Enterprise2.0 Software, using BPM (Business Process Management) as an example.

Two of her insights should be placed high up in our enterprise-consciousness:

1. The MySpace Generation will necessarily reshape the Enterprise eco-system. It will influence the way ISVs build software, the way users consume services and inevitably the way Enterprises are structured. Software, services and organizational structures are all reflections of societies.

2. Security is too often a pretext

Fear is a great way to align IT with Business. Security risk, a very basic fear-oriented and blurred-enough meme, is too often used as a pretext by those resisting the forthcoming change. Be suspicious of those guarantying ‘Apocalypse Now’ in face of a change – it is an efficient way to preserve existing structure of command & control.

Sandy Kemsley

podcastIcon.gif Sandy Kemsley: Web 2.0 and Business Process Management, 11:07 min, Oct 11th, 2006

Original Podlink: Sandy Kemsley: Web 2.0 and Business Process Management

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