Podcasting is a fantastic medium for imparting knowledge. It is richer than Text and not as distracting as video (where we’re used to pay attention to other details beside the content). More importantly, it is natural, and optimal for a multi-tasking environment (in contrast with text and video which require higher level of attention).

But unlike Text, which can be fast scanned by any human practicing speed reading techniques, a podcast cannot be easily “mapped” as it lacks a spatial dimension. Audio processing occurs only across Time, and Time is the most precious resource of our era. That being said, it is clear that many excellent ideas, which were unfortunate to be expressed towards the end of a lengthy podcast, are doomed to never be heard.

And that’s one of the reasons for Technopod. For Technopod is more than just a human aggregation and filtering of technology podcasts (though, this in itself is sufficient, given the already impossible number of podcasts to listen to). Technopod wishes to capture the essence of an entire podcast and to continue the conversation by providing (textual…) commentary, ideas, and references to the audio content.

I hope you will find this site pleasant and useful.

You can send me feedback and/or contact me at technopod at gmail dot com.

p.s. Technopod is an extension to my essays blog on Enterprise IT, SOA, the Internet and what’s in between.


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