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Anina and the Nomads

November 12, 2006

nerdtvpng.jpgI listened to Anina with great pleasure and interest. Pleasure – because hearing a bright, passionate, unpatronizing and communicative person is always a pleasure; interest – because for the first time I could really taste and experience the mobile life-style, and could therefore fully realize how mobile people are dependent on their mobile device.


Anina, ~24 years old, demonstrates a rare unison of yin and yang. She was born in the US but is currently living in France – two different cultures; she communicates in five native languages, and one mobile, synthetic language. She’s deep into the mobile standards and technologies – programming-level – and yet she’s working as a top-model and an artist, bridging the right and left hemispheres, the mental and the physical, the individual and the social, the functional and the aesthetic.

And she’s got the eye of the observer, that which is open for the other. In several occasions, Anina illuminates the socio-political implications of the computer vs. the mobile device, the former being a representation of the “knowledge is power” paradigm, encrusted with cryptic symbols and letters – the marks of the literate dominance over the illiterate (those lacking knowledge and, consequently, power), while the mobile device, which employs universally understood visual symbols such as the red, green, + and – signs, represents hope and belonging in this flat world, even to technophobes, illiterates and all those who are, relatively speaking, weak.

The nomads, who represent constant change and instability, and are usually alienated by the institutions, finally got their symbolic, nomadic device, which speaks in a different language than that of the computer. Anina’s project and ambition is to provide the nomads with that platform which will allow them to connect, as equal citizens, into the matrix.

The mp3 is available here, but there’s also a video recording of the session at NerdTV, for those preferring video over audio.


podcastIcon.gif Anina: High Fashion Meets High Tech, 62:16 min, Nov 9th, 2005

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