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Unconferences, Unpeople and Unplaces

July 11, 2006


The concluding session of BloggerCon IV dealt with logistics issues: where will the next BloggerCon take place? Could it run simultaneously in different geographical locations, so as to make it more accessible (time & money) to people from all around the world? Could it be video streamed in real-time to campuses and universities so students (i.e. future bloggers) would be able to present their ideas about blogging? … and so forth.

It was interesting to follow this discussion, waiting in vain for someone to propose what I thought to be evident, i.e. the option of running future events inside a virtual world, such as the NMC campus in Second Life.


These kind of unplaces provide, already today, a perfect setup for unpeople (aka avatars) to participate in unconferences.

Moreover, if we get along with a virtual representation of food and drinks, then all Dave Winer’s preconditions for a pleasant uncoference, as included hereafter, are satisfied.

Scripting News 5/22/2006: Dave Winer’s conditions for a successful unconference:

What won’t change. It’s free of charge. Lunches and dinners are at local restaurants, and there are lots of them in the neighborhood. We will organize Food For Thought dinners on Friday night. There will be lots of room for schmoozing outside the studio at all times, and this will be open to everyone and anyone… Totally non-commercial, leave your business models at home.


podcastIcon1.gif BloggerCon IV Concluding Session, June 24th, 2006

Original Podlink: BloggerCon: Dave talks about exiting the blogosphere

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February 20, 2006


Robert Scoble, Microsoft’s Blogstreamer (and see also Robert Scoble has a twin! :)) , chaired a session on Information Overload in BloggerCon III, an annual conference organized by Dave Winer, with the sub-motto of “A users-only conference” (aka, Unconference) – vendors are kindly requested to remain silent (you got to admit it’s refreshing. And when one of the vendors tried to sneak a word, he had to face ranting “take no prisoners” Winer who stopped him at once).

In this Overload session we can listen to many requirements evolving around RSS readers, aggregators and filters. Users want their content to be filtered geographically; based on their social networks; based on authority – to give just a few examples. And so it goes on and on – Interesting.

But what I liked more was the between-the-lines of this session.

Information Consumers: Addicts (like Scoble, who’s subscribed to more than 1000 feeds) vs. the controlled, i.e. those who open their RSS reader after dinner, scan briefly the bolded headers (indication of new stuff) and go on with their other (!) business.

Web2.0 startups: There’s an endless list of requirements for the RSS-related tools, which means there’s a place for many more startups. Just a thought I had after so many ideas I threw away because there were “already” five companies doing similar things.

Meta-Data: Filters, aggregators, feeds, and reading lists – are all meta-data organizing this endless river of Information, enabled through RSS. Meta-Data tends to organize itself in networked graphs. Efficiently storing and retrieving graphs that points to this endless river is something of a challenge (and listen to Adam Bosworth on that).


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podcastIcon.gif Overload 01:15:16, 34.5 mb, Nov 6th, 2004

Original Podlink: Overload, Robert Scoble, session leader, Bloggercon III

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Dave Winer – Behind the Mic

February 19, 2006


Dave Winer deserves respect. I might be suffering from Scripting News blitzing (and I therefore unsubscribed; tech.memeorandum will dig out Winer’s good stories anyway), yet I think we owe this man a lot – if I’m reading tech history properly. For Dave Winer is, in a way, Tim-Berners Lee successor. While TBL created this World Wide Platform for storing Information, DW “let this Info go”. Being the creator of RSS, and/or member of the teams that created the different RSS versions, DW could well be named the Liberator of the World Wide Information, liberation which gave birth to the interactive web 2.0.

After this intro, I should set your expectations right away: Dave Winer is not as philosophical as TBL, nor as visionary as Tim O’Reilly… 🙂 He is, in a way, a symbol of simplicity: in his tools, in his standards, in his posts and in his thoughts. He’s the K.I.S.S. man, and that’s what’s so remarkable.

Final note: Winer was among the co-authors of the early SOAP, but as things have become too complex he left. Yet, here’s a surprise: Winer never meant SOAP to become what it is today. Application integration? Business Transactions? Not at all. For Winer, SOAP was meant to be an easier standard for… publishing content over the web.

p.s. Winer is behind many things, not just RSS.


Technopod Rating: 9

podcastIcon.gif Dave Winer 01:09:05, 31.6 mb, Oct 27th, 2004

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RSS History (as told by no other than… Dave Winer) 🙂

Wikipedia: Dave Winer

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