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SOA Platform Evolves to Require Policy-based Governance

February 19, 2006

Dana Gardner talks to Miko Matsumura, Infravio, about SOA, SOA Governance, End-to-End Life-Cycle Service Management and more.

Miko Matsumura is an interesting guy, besides his marketing faculties :). Whenever I stumble upon one of his works I am not disappointed. Matsumura is tightly coupled to the OASIS SOA Blueprints and Reference Architecture, two technical committees that were established five years too late. See Reference links.

In the last years Matsumura has been working in two SOA Governance companies: Systinet (which was recently acquired by Mercury) and Infravio, a fact that gives him an extra score, imho, as finally Enterprise SOA Management is getting the thought and products it requires.


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podcastIcon.gif SOA Platform Evolves to Require Policy-based Governance

Original Podlink: SOA Platform Evolves to Require Policy-based Governance


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