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Winds of War – Om and Niall on the Two-Tiers Internet

February 21, 2006

“We’re witnessing the beginnings of a titanic clash between the internet and the telecommunications industry.” (Alec Saunders, Voice 2.0: A Manifesto for the Future).

In the last couple of months AT&T and Verizon started a tactical, low-intensity combat against the Internet giants. Some quotations to get you into the right mood:

AT&T CEO Edward Whitacre Jr.:

“What [Google, Vonage, and others] would like to do is to use my pipes free. But I ain’t going to let them do that”.

“Companies such as Skype should pay for the portion of the carriers’ networks that they use”.

Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg:

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch on the Internet. Providers of bandwidth-intensive Internet applications, including Google and Microsoft, should “share the cost” of operating broadband networks”.

This, of course, raised a great deal of tumult among the IFF (Internet Freedom Fighters :)), who abhorred these attempts to profane the sacred network neutrality. Actually, rumors claim Google is building a private, global, network infrastructure to make sure their services will remain neutral (i.e. not under-prioritized).

In this podcast, Om Malik and Niall Kennedy provide a simple and amiable introduction to this tactical, low-intensity combat, usually referred to as the “Two-Tiers Internet”. And if Om’s right, web2.0 startups might be affected as well.


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